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The Dead Boy on the Heath

A strange title you might think, but the story behind it is true and part of Appledore folklore.

Today, we live in the quiet village of Appledore, Kent. Busy people with busy lives. Many of us are new to the village and have chosen to live here in preference to towns and cities. Appledore itself has a long history and a past that dates back to the Vikings.

Between the Vikings and today, many lives have been lived and stories woven. Hard work has walked hand-in-hand with poverty and privation. Appledore’s enduring story though is of the people who worked all their lives and strived to do the best for their families – in whatever circumstances they found themselves.

The story of the dead boy on the Heath is a sad one, but we are lucky that Alan Tribe, one of our ALHS members, was able to discover enough about it to write a historical document, telling this young man’s story.

Download a copy of The Dead Boy on the Heath here.