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The Windmills of Appledore


The downloadable booklet available on this page draws upon material from a variety of sources, including books, articles, websites, and documents and notes from the archive of the Appledore Local History Society. The information gathered was previously scattered in dozens of locations, many of them not easy to access.

In the course of checking the material there were discoveries. Previously unknown millers have been found. A dusty corner of the internet has yielded the earliest record yet of an Appledore miller (apart from one who was simply ‘Geoffrey the miller’). This should serve as a challenge for someone to find an earlier one…

This is not an academic survey, so not every source is individually referenced. A general list of sources is provided at the end of the booklet.

Some pictures may be subject to copyright, but this is hopefully ‘fair use’ in the context of a non- commercial booklet primarily intended for a small number of history enthusiasts in Appledore…

The narrative text is my own, with occasional borrowings and quotes.

Thanks should go to past and present members of Appledore Local History Society who have conducted research, or have had the good sense to keep documents and scraps of information that would otherwise be lost forever. With enough pieces, a jigsaw becomes a picture.

Alan Tribe
Appledore 2024

The Windmills of Appledore, downloadable pdf.