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Appledore Local History Society

Established in 1989, by a group of enthusiastic residents, the Appledore Local History Society, (ALHS), has become the centre for the gathering, recording and maintaining of knowledge, in various formats, of life in and around the village of Appledore, Kent.

Members of ALHS meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month. Formalities are minimal, leaving the remainder of the time for group reviews of documents, photographs and artefacts that have been gathered over the years and which continue to be deposited or loaned to us for recording, further research where necessary and for preservation.

Acquisition of our digital archival system was a significant turning point in the data recording process, which has allowed us to digitise much of the historic data that has been collected. The work continues as we seek to include all information collected so far and that which we continue to receive, thereby widening the knowledge we have of Appledore through the ages.

ALHS arrange for visiting speakers to deliver talks on matters of historic interest, specifically as relates to Appledore and the surrounding area, as well as arranging for group visits to sites of historic interest. Monies raised from such events are deployed exclusively for the benefit of the village.

Members of ALHS engage in specific local events, for example in repairs and tending to the graves of those who died in service for our country and are buried in the old cemetery of the village church of St Peter and St Paul.

Aims, Objectives & Obligations of ALHS

We have a very clear vision of our responsibilities as the Local History Society:

  • Provide a focal point for the regular gathering of residents interested in the history of the village and surrounding areas
  • Facilitate the collection, collation and sharing of information and artefacts and to provide a repository for the benefit of future generations
  • Build an extensive archive that might one day be developed into a local Heritage Centre
  • Welcome and inform new residents of the history of the village and surrounding areas
  • Provide visitors to Appledore some basic facts that will enhance their knowledge of the village
  • Establish heritage trails that will enrich the enjoyment of visitors to the village

Expanding the Database

We are interested in receiving contributions or the loan of relevant:

  • Photographs of People and Places
  • Postcards with Pictures of Village Scenes
  • Estate Agents Particulars of Appledore Properties
  • Newspaper and Magazine Cuttings
  • Diaries and Family Records
  • Memorabilia
  • Artefacts
  • Memories and Anecdotes

If you have Items that you feel would be of interest and are prepared to give or loan these to us, we would be pleased to discuss how they could be recorded onto the growing ALHS database and how you might have copies made to share with your family and friends.

Associate Membership Category

Full Membership of ALHS is £15.00 per annum. We are however introducing a new Associate Membership category at £5.00 per annum, which allows for:

  • Attendance at a selection of monthly meetings
  • Reduced rate participation in trips and tours to places of historic interest
  • Reduced rate participation in talks and organised events
  • Reduced rates for the professional copying and digitising of family photographs, documents etc
  • Provision of a copy of the Appledore ‘A Walk Down The Street’ booklet
  • Information available on your family history as relates to Appledore
  • Periodic updates on information of historic interest regarding Appledore

Ongoing work of ALHS, is undertaken by a group of enthusiastic fellow residents, who are intent on creating and leaving a readily accessible legacy for future generations in order that they might have an appreciation of our village through the ages.

ALHS operates with total transparency and publishes its financial records. All monies raised by whatever means is used to fund projects undertaken on behalf of the village. Your support by way of Associate Membership will ensure that our work on behalf of the village continues

Brian Knight – Chair