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Our Village – a review from the past

In an article recently re-published in the Appledore Parish Magazine from 1961, where the village was described in detail, it sparked thoughts on the changes we find in Appledore Village today. Below are some of the observations made by Brian Knight, our History Society Chairman.

Read the original article here

As you will see from the images posted within this article, “Our Village” is still a friendly and a nice place to live but much has changed since 1961. One Windmill base is now part of a domestic property, as are the Oast Houses. The Village Street no longer has a Bakers, a Butchers, two Grocery Shops. a Petrol Garage nor a Blacksmith but it does have a Village Shop and Post Office, a Hairdressers, a Tea Room and an Antique Centre. The Methodist Chapel is in the process of being converted to a domestic property. The Village has lost its School and three of its four Public Houses as well as our Village Policeman and Police House/Office.

There is still a Bus service to Ashford or New Romney but no longer to Rye or Tenterden.  There is a Railway Station but with no Waiting Room or Staff.  Trains operate to Ashford and Hastings/Eastbourne, but no longer to Lydd and New Romney.

We still have a Village Hall that has been very much improved over the years. Our local Garage now has better premises and an increased fleet of private hire coaches.

Many of the old farms are now utilised for other businesses such as Grain Services, Heavy Haulage, and Groundwork Plant Services. As well as Builders, the Village has several other businesses operating here as can be seen in the adverts depicted within the Parish Magazine issued monthly to residents.

The Fruit Trees, Runner Beans, Asparagus, Tulips and Daffodils are no longer grown around the Village and the dairy herds have disappeared, but we still have sheep farming.  New Businesses have emerged growing Salads for London Restaurants, a Vineyard providing quality wines, and a local farm providing Appledore Turkeys for Christmas.

On the Housing front, approx 143 new domestic properties have been built, 21 of these being conversions of existing buildings or barns. Three original properties were demolished to allow some of these developments to take place. Eighteen new properties are being built at the present time and when completed the total new properties since 1961 will be an increase of approx 60%.