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Reginald Mace – WW2 CWGC Grave

Within St Peter and St Paul’s Church in Appledore Kent there is a Roll of Honour showing the names of Appledore’s fallen during WW2. We have provided the stories of the men listed there.

However, when visiting the churchyard, there is a CWGC grave for a soldier who is not included in this list.

Reginald Mace, service number 1524919, of The Royal Artillery, died on 14th September 1942. He belonged to the 58th Anti-Tank Regiment. Research shows that he was born in Hackney in 1919 and resided in Islington.

After Dunkerque, troops occupied Appledore until June 1944. A minefield was laid in front of the Royal Military Canal. One soldier, which must have been Reginald Mace, was killed in the minefield and was buried in Appledore churchyard.