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The Old Cricket Pavillion

In 1925 a Pavilion was built on land lent to the Village for a Sports Field by Mr E B Terry of Appledore. The Pavilion was officially opened by Miss Humphry of the Forstal Appledore.  It was built on the north side of the field and had a thatched roof with an ornate Weather Vane (see photo 1).

The posts supporting the roof around the veranda each had two corner pieces with ornate carving on each side (see photo 2 ) which included the name of a Kent County Cricket player. It is understood that these carvings were created by young men of Appledore.  The carving over the main entrance was similarly carved with the names of three Kent County Cricket players. This carving was created by Cecil Green of Appledore (see photo 3). 

In the 1950’s the roof was in a poor state and the weather vane was missing (see photo 4). Hawthorn Estate had also been built, visible in the background. 

In 1956 the Playing Field was levelled and it was around this time that the Pavilion was moved to the south side of the field (Street end). To move it the thatched roof was removed along with veranda roof and support posts. Long metal scaffold poles were placed under the structure and then several local men lifted the building and moved it forward onto a low loader trailer. The trailer was then towed to the other side of the field (see photo 5) where concrete beams had already been created as a base. The procedure was then reversed with the building being lifted onto its new base. The veranda roof support posts along with the carvings were reinstated and a shingle roof fitted.  

In 1964/5 a new Pavilion was built and the old pavilion was used for storage. Over the years the building deteriorated and suffered from woodworm and in 1983 it was decided to demolish it (see photo 6).

It was hoped to be able to keep the carvings with the Kent Cricketers Names on them but these also were badly affected by woodworm.

Fortunately the carving over the entrance was in better condition and has been preserved and displayed in the new Pavilion. The door (which disappeared before the demolition) had an Apple Tree carved on it.