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Battle’s Over Celebration

On Sunday, 11th November 2018 it will be 100 years since the end of the First World War – the War to end all Wars – as it was hoped then.  We know that it was only a very few short years later than another devastating World War shook our Nation and once again families and communities were devastated by the trauma of sending loved ones off to war and waiting for their return.

Although we have no permanent memorial to the World Wars, here in Appledore, other than the wall plaques listing name of the fallen at St Peter and St Pauls Church and the Methodist Church Hall, we are working very hard to organise an event to honour the lost and wounded of the First World War, especially in relation to the lads who went from our village.

Celebrations will be held all over the country (see here) whilst here in Appledore we will be celebrating using the prescribed event timing as well as adding our own twist to the event.

  • The Village Hall opens at 6:00 pm for exhibitions
  • Wreath laying at Village Hall at 6:15 pm
  • Ceremony Commences at 6:35 pm on the Recreation Ground, including:
    • Prayers, Reading of the Names, The Last Post, One Minute’s Silence, Reveille, The Kohima Epitaph. a Blessing, Lighting of the Beacon and Ringing of the Church Bells

There will then be Refreshments at the Village Hall from 7:15 pm

“For our tomorrow, they gave their today”
Please come and remember them

Download the official event Poster for Battles Over