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ALHS November News

Our meeting this month was rearranged from 12th to 10th October, to facilitate attendance by some members at an event in Ticehurst, organised for the benefit of the Royal British Legion. The event features an interview with Squadron Leader George ‘Johnny‘ Johnson MBE DFM, the last of The Dambusters. Our Web Site has ‘gone live’ and continues to have content developed and added. We urge you to visit and let us know what you think.

Members have undertaken assignments to prepare additional content e.g. The Two World Wars, the Military Canal, the Railway Station, PLUTO, Windmills, St Peter & St Paul’s Church etc. Participation by Non-Members would be welcome.  Draft signage commemorating the WW2 pipeline, known as PLUTO, has been produced and once turned into an all-weather format, will be installed close to the two visible remnants in Appledore.  Construction of the Beacon is nearing completion and will be ready and installed well ahead of time for the village to participate in the Nationwide celebration in November 2018.

Our Community Chest project continues to develop with the digital recording of information, artefacts and photographs, which had hereto been stored in cardboard boxes. It is intended to develop the recording for posterity and for periodic display.  Anyone with something of potential historic interest is encouraged to share same with us in order that we can record and return the items.

We continue to seek a more permanent location, for a Heritage Centre, which would serve as a secure repository, as well as afford us the opportunity to display items.  Ideas on how we might encourage New Members to join the Local History Society continue to be discussed. The Associate Membership concept alluded to previously, needs further refinement. Meanwhile, a Membership Fee of £10 per year is quite a modest amount to join a really enthusiastic group who are determined to preserve and promote the history of Appledore.

The Appledore Heritage Trail, (0.6 Miles), was one of the first of what is developing into a National network. It is intended that 100 people will walk each of the Heritage Trails over the weekend of
27th/28thJanuary 2017.  

We are researching suitable speakers for our Next Talk, which will be on the Royal Military Canal,  specifically as relates to Appledore. We anticipate being able to hold the event at the end of Q1/18. If anyone has other drawings or images of Appledore we would be delighted to have copies.

Our November newsletter is available for download here:  November 2017

As ever, contact details are Chairman, Brian Knight on, 01233 758319 or our Secretary, Tracy Morgan on, 01233 758756 OR visit our website or message us on Twitter @AppledoreHist