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July News

Graveyard clear up

Firstly thanks to those who helped with the second graveyard clear up, including Tom who provided teas and coffees throughout the morning!   Only 10 people volunteered this time, half the number we had last time.  This may have been due to the weather forecast but disappointing nevertheless.  The more of us that participate, the more we can achieve and the easier it will be long term to keep the churchyard looking respectable.

Our future plan is to have some volunteers concentrate on the graves themselves.  Some of them tell interesting stories and it will be interesting to add to our archives some of the family stories hinted at by them.  For instance, the Pearson family has a row of graves and one man died at Niagra Falls in 1858, so we will be trying to find out what he was doing there!

ALHS Meetings going forward

We have decided to change the style of our monthly meetings so that they will be predominantly focused on reviewing artefacts from our archives, or those newly shared with us, as well as updating each other on what we have been researching.  We will also be inviting speakers to present on matters of local historic interest and will invite non-members to attend these small group sessions.

The less interesting but necessary formalities and committee type administrative functions will be dealt with outside of the abovementioned activities.

Future trips

We will also be planning group trips to areas of local historic interest and again, non-embers will be made aware of these and invited to join us.  In recent times we have visited the Martello Tower in Dymchurch, the Woodchurch Museum and the Winchelsea Cellars.

Get in touch

If there is something you would like us to research, such as the history of your house or your family whilst residing in Appledore, or perhaps have an idea for a visit somewhere of historic interest, please contact us!

Our next meeting is on 11th July at the Methodist Hall and you are very welcome to come along.