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We can’t live in the past, but we can certainly learn from it!

There is a period in History referred to as ‘The Dark Ages’. The literal definition of which is ‘the period of years where there is a lack of records for what actually happened’.

With technology advances as relates to the recording of information, photographs etc. we could be entering another period of ‘Dark Ages’, as individuals tend to create and retain their own records, on smart phones, iPads, laptops and in many cases, they are stored in the cloud. However, these records are not always shared with friends and family and remain un-retrievable from the ether, as the creators eventually expire.

Our Local History Society are desperately keen not to allow this to happen to Appledore, which is why we work towards creating an extensive database that can be accessed and shared by our local community, to ensure there is a record of the passage of time and of how our village was established and the way it has developed through the ages.

It is quite incredible how a review of the historic records demonstrates that families who lived in Appledore in the 13th and 14th centuries, when it was a thriving community of residents and local businesses, have no descendants still in residence. In many cases, apart from the names of those buried in the village graveyards, there is sadly little record of who they were and how they lived and worked.

We cannot recover all lost information, but we can prevent a continuance of such loss by recording it on Community Chest, the ALHS database.

ALHS receive numerous domestic and overseas enquiries for information on families and friends who at some time had a connection with Appledore.  We are often able to assist and as our database grows, we will be in a position to expand our abilities.

If you have information, records, photographs, items that you would like to have digitised for your own purposes we can assist you in achieving this.  We can also, with your approval, store such information within Community Chest and share it as appropriate.

Let’s prevent the Dark Ages from returning to Appledore!