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June News

During our Annual General Meeting during June we thought we should recap and then share with you what we have achieved on behalf of Appledore Parish and its history over the past two financial years.

You will see from the figures above that our main income for ongoing costs (i.e. not project specific) comes from the talks that we host. During the past two years we have bought equipment to digitalise our archives and your artefacts, we have set up our website, we have erected two signs to explain the PLUTO pipeline crossings within the Parish, we have paid for a grave to be repaired bearing the name of a soldier who fell during the Zulu War and we have managed the making and siting of the beacon ready for the Battle’s Over event in November 2018.

As a Society we have pledged and are yet to spend £100 towards the beacon project, which shall be taken up primarily by the erection of a plaque explaining the reason behind it and thanking those involved in the project.

For the year ahead, as well as contributing our efforts, along with those of representatives of other organisations within the Parish, towards the Battle’s Over event, we are thinking of projects such as the following;

A coffee morning to demonstrate the Community Chest database and how far we have got with populating this with photos, artefacts, stories

  • The potential to have a War Memorial within the Parish
  • The potential for preserving the history of and improving the state of Appledore Station.

Appledore Kent’s Battle’s Over Working Group

A working group has been set up to organise the Battle’s Over event on 11th November this year to commemorate the centenary of Armistice, which marked the official end of WW1.
Firstly, we send love and best wishes to Ian Bampton, who has had to withdraw from this working party due to ill health.

Banner – You may have noticed the banner that is now in place on the fence in front of the Pavilion which highlights the upcoming event in line with other villages and towns that are already gearing up to this important event.

Beacon – At the time of writing, the post for the beacon is now in place on Mill Hill (visible from the gate at the end of the tarmac road that runs alongside the Recreation Ground) and it is hoped that the basket will have been added by the end of June. We have the agreement of Northiam Bonfire Society to manage the setting up and lighting of the beacon.

Charity Donations – Excess proceeds from the event shall be distributed between the four charities as chosen for the Battle’s Over event throughout the UK (being Royal Naval Association, ABF The Army’s National Charity, Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund and The Merchant Navy Association) and also Royal British Legion (RBL).

  • Ceremony – We are pleased to be able to confirm that Keith Fazzani, Chaplain to the Queen’s Own Buffs Regimental Association, shall be leading the ceremony in and around the Pavilion on the evening of 11th November.
  • Display – There will be a WW1 display in the Village Hall, along with RBL artefacts for sale.
  • Funds – Appledore Parish Council has kindly allocated some funds towards this event. Any further funds would be greatly appreciated so that we may enhance the event further.
  • Refreshments – These shall be available to purchase from the Village Hall from 6pm.
  • Volunteers – As ever, we should be very grateful if there is an aspect of the event that you would like to help us with. There is a short part of the readings section of the ceremony that a young person would be most appropriate for. Perhaps you know a Cadet or Scout who might like to be involved?

The initial point of contact for this project is Tracy Morgan on, 01233 758756.

Our June newsletter is available for download here June 2018