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Adieu and Farewell

The Appledore Local History Society’s final meeting to be held at the Methodist Chapel was on 11th August. It wasn’t until Saturday, 27th August that we really understood what that would mean to our Society. Our last Open Day at the Chapel and the last opportunity for some time to come, to share with Appledore residents and local friends, the artefacts and findings of the ALHS.

We have a dream…..

An oft cited and much mangled phrase from a much loved visionary, but we have one. To have a permanent home for the Appledore Local History Society, where we can show our collection and share the work we do.

We have been very lucky to find a temporary home locally for our goods and chattels, but what is the use in storing them away, without the ability to show and share with the people they belong to? So the work goes on. We will continue to review our archive, digitise and store. We will continue to collect information about Appledore and its residents and we will continue to raise money to support the work we do.

We have shared with you in previous updates what we have achieved (see here) and we will continue to add to that list as often as we can. However, forgive us if the focus for the foreseeable future is to keep the Society alive and to find a ‘forever’ home.

We will keep you posted.

To join us, or to make any suggestions which could help, please contact us either by email, or through our Chairman, Brian Knight on 01233 758319 or

To help support us now, why not join us at our Quiz Night in the Village Hall on 1st October. Find our more here